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First Officer Jobs

Qatar Boeing Rated First Officer - Doha, Qatar

Middle East
First Officer Jobs
2022 - Jun - 05


To be considered you are required to meet the below requirements:

•    Minimum 1000 hours on B737 NG (-600/700/800/900ER)/B747-400 (400F/-8/-8F)/B757/B767
•    Current ICAO ATPL or Frozen ATPL* with valid instrument rating on any of the above specified types and Class 1 Medical Certificate issued by the same Authority (valid minimum 3 months after the start date, if successful)
•    *Valid ATPL Theoretical Knowledge results/certificate
•    Minimum English Language Proficiency level 4
•    Last flight on any of the above specified types within the past 12 months
•    ATPL holders only: 250 hours PIC (may be 70 hours PIC and 180 hours PICUS or 500 hours PICUS)

Interested candidates must complete the online application form and upload appropriate and accurate evidences.

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  • Technical Interview
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