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We use the experience of our team to offer previous information in our Tips & Advice section.

Getting valued information for your pilot or cabin crew selection can cost time and money. That doesn't mean you should stay away from any help and stop believing in your chances of success. MySkyPlatform has a Tips & Advice section to solve this issue.

Get valued information to prepare your pilot or cabin crew assessment

The internet is full of information if you want to prepare for your assessment. However it is confusing and not always up to date.

Our team of aviation professionals constantly create articles to help you get information. Whether you are looking for pilot or cabin crew advice, no need to search the internet anymore, everything is in one place.

It doesn't cost anything

You want to prepare for your pilot or cabin crew assessment but don't want to use any airline package.

At MySkyPlatform we offer you complimentary Tips & Advice to get some basic tools and information to help you on your selection day. There is no paid advertisement, just go on our Tips & Advice section and feel free to read.