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Master Your Cabin Crew Online Interview with 11 Easy Steps

Master Your Cabin Crew Online Interview

At some airlines cabin crew online interviews are the usual thing in the hiring process. For most people, who will be interviewed via video for the first time in their life it might feel a little awkward. On other hand, it gives an extra chance to explain your past experiences and skills that can make you qualified for the cabin crew job. Also video interviews will show better the candidate's personality, skills and aptitude. With these criteria the recruiter can decide whether being a stewardess is for you. There is no surprise that having a job interview via video camera can be stressful, especially if you have never experienced it before. But no worries, there is a way to set up your confidence and prepare yourself to show and describe all skills that you have to be good in this job.

Another way for some companies is to record a video of you answering some of the interview questions. This way is far more easy. The recruiter is sending the list of the questions in advance, so you have more time to prepare all your answers. After you have recorded your answers, you will have to upload them all and send them back to the recruiter. Still for some people it might be unusual to film themselves on the camera, but the key is preparation. Preparation is very important and essential if you want to succeed at your interview. Below you will find an instruction how to prepare for a cabin crew online interview:

Choose the right background 

First of all, you should choose a room and of course the right background. Bear in mind, that it will be visible through the web camera to the recruiter. Remember that it is very important to choose a neutral part of the room, it can be a wall with a painting or even a plane wall. The most important thing is that the wall should be clean, with no posters glued to it or any objects that should not be there (ex.: bicycle, mop, a bed and so on).

I know that you would think that it is obvious, but most of people do not pay much attention to the look of their homes. You could also move the desk or your computer to make sure that you made a perfect set up before the video connection. What makes your home look beautiful and organised is a library with books in the background. Yet, some pieces of art could be appropriate as well. Forget about that sweet virtual backgrounds. It looks unprofessional and will take all attention from you. 

girl working on her computer

Check the light 

Remember, it is crutial to make a good impression in the beginning of your online interview. You should prepare for your online interview the same way as you do for the open/recruitment day. It is very important what image will be visible on the other side of the screen during your online interview. Make sure that the light in the room are well adjusted.

You definitely do not need to have not enough or neither too much light. On one side you will be in the dark and your face might not be enough visible. On the other side with too much light you can be too pale or white. To improve the light you could try to open the curtains or to use a desk lamp. You could add extra lights if you have one, or even a desk lamp can work. The perfect solution could be to sit in front of the window or somewhere next to it, facing the light.

You should check your device and a web camera in advance

It is important to be on time and to show your punctuality. It means that 15-20 min before the scheduled time of your interview you should test the application and to make sure that everything is switched on. Few days before your online interview call a friend or a relative to check if your device is working properly. In the same time they could ask you some interview questions to practice your answers.

With this kind of exercise you will get used to a camera and will get read of your fear. Then during your online interview you will be more confident to speak in front of the camera.  Remember that public speeches are the daily routine of the cabin crew. During the test call, make sure that your head and your shoulders are in the frame so not only your face is visible. All this you can adjust while the video call is running.

Check the sound

One more very important preparation prior to your online interview is the sound check. To master your interview you can record your voice and then listen to how it sounds. If the voice is too loud, try to adjust the volume in the settings. Now a lot will depend on your device or the microphone, in case you are using one. Make sure that you know where the ‘mute’ button is located, try to test it before the interview. This button will be useful when you would like to mute some noise or to mute while you are coughing or sneezing.

Make sure that nobody and nothing can interrupt your interview

First of all, inform your relatives and friends about the time of your online interview. Like this you will make sure you will not receive any guests at the same time. For those who have a baby, then you should hire a babysitter or ask a friend or relative to help out with that. The same is with pets that can make noises - it is better to ask somebody to take them out for a walk during your interview. To avoid any noise of a traffic jam or kids playing in the yard - keep your window closed. Switch off your phone or keep a silent mode during your interview. All notifications on your computer or any other device must be switched off as well. It is not professional neither respectful to reply to a call during your talk with the recruiter. The only exception would be if you have a very important call. In that circumstance you should inform the recruiter in advance. 

man sitting in front of computer with his dog

Pick the right outfit

Dress for your online interview like if you dress for a face to face selection day. You could wear the suit, or just pants and shirt / skirt and shirt. You could wear a classic dress with longer sleeves as well. Avoid sitting without the pants or skirt ( or wearing pajamas instead), as any time you could need to stand up and take something. This could create an uncomfortable situation both for you and for the recruiter. Make sure that your clothes are clean and ironed. You should pick your outfit to feel comfortable and confident at the same time. It is not recommended to wear clothes with prints, stripes or squares on it, as well as bright colors. Simply, try to repeat  a style of the cabin crew of your desired airline.

Grooming / makeup

Before your online interview check what are the requirements about the makeup in the company that you are going to be recruited to. Try to repeat this makeup on you. For those who do not wear makeup or are not good at it, try to test it a few days before the interview. You could also ask a friend or a cabin crew that you know who is good at it to help you out. Test how you look while talking on the video call with a friend or a relative. Try to repeat the hairstyle of the stewardesses of your desired airline. To make your life easier you could also use the help of a professional hair specialist. Remember to use some powder or matting tissues if you have an oily face to avoid it shining too much. For those who wear glasses remember that they might reflect the images that are in front of you, so bear it in mind.

Do not exaggerate with the preparation 

There are many people who make some notes to remember what they want to say and there is nothing wrong with that. However, once your online interview starts, try to forget about all those papers. For sure you have trained those questions already with your friend and you know what to answer. Use your words and simple explanation, for any cost do not look in your notes. It quickly becomes obvious that you are reading from a paper or the computer screen. Try to relax and be honest - that is the key.

Try to keep it simple

Use only necessary equipment next to you, it can be a glass of water, a notebook and a pen for example. Try not to play with the objects on the table. Opposite, you should concentrate yourself and keep an eye contact with the recruiter. Avoid some extra things falling down from your desk. Note that it is also not professional if you will turn and swing on the office chair during the whole interview. Instead put a standard chair and try to sit straight.

Prepare few questions for the interviewer beforehand 

To show that you did your research on the company, prepare your questions well before your online interview. Avoid questions about salary, benefits or any accommodation allowances and so on. This information you should receive on the first stage of the open/recruitment day. Instead ask some questions that will show your motivation to join the team as soon as possible.

a woman preparing some questions for the interview

Mental preparation

You should relax and be yourself. This will be one more opportunity to show yourself. You should understand that the previous stages of the selection process are already behind. Now you have to express yourself as an individual, to prove that you would be an asset for your company. Knowing how to describe your strengths and weaknesses will be helpful at this stage. Those questions are often asked by recruiters during most of the interviews. To master your online interview questions, make a list in advance and prepare your answers. You can find the list of interview questions and answers to prepare as well by following this link and then choosing the desired airline.

To conclude

Lastly, remember that you are speaking with the real person - so smile! Keep punctual as if you would do for the real face to face interview. You will see that by doing that, you will avoid stress and you will feel more prepared. In the eyes of the recruiter you will appear as somebody reliable and professional. Try to keep a good mood on the day of your interview, this will make you feel more comfortable.  As well as your conversation with the recruiter will pass naturally. You will establish the contact as easy as during the face to face interview. 

It is important to be yourself and to tell the truth to the recruiter. Do not try to invent or imagine some fake stories to make you look better in somebody’s eyes. Be confident in your power and abilities, believe in yourself. Make yourself become a person who is putting the goal in front of you and then reaching it step by step no matter what.

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